Walkthrough and signoff


As a final step before going live, an integration walkthrough will be performed (typically via a skype call). The goals of this call and typical topic areas are to:

  • Confirm the functionality of the integration.
  • Understand and document the customer signup and usage UI workflow for the integration.
  • Create a plan for fine-tuning where required.

Typical Component Tasks 

Done Component tasks of a typical MobilePay integration
  Have introductory Skype call or meeting for technical team.
  • Review MobilePay integration documentation and other integration materials.
  • Review roles and responsibilities.
  • Develop API integration plan with timeline.
    • how much do you plan to test? 
    • when is your GO-LIVE date?

Get started with Sandbox server


Get started with Production server 

  • Get developer account on https://developer.mobilepay.dk/
  • Modify integration to point to production server
  • Test the final actions in the API in Production
  • Test integration on production 

Establish a support plan.

  • Designate support contacts.
  • Introduce MobilePay Developer Support to your technical support team.

Prepare for launch.

  • Walk through integration review and signoff (conference call).
  • Document final signup flow.
  • Coordinate on launch co-marketing and PR.
  Go live!