Step 3: Landing Page

You need to create a Landing Page for your customers, so MobilePay can link to a webpage, where potential customers can read more about your services as a Third Party integrator. Please follow the guidelines below, and write to once the landing page is ready, so it can be reviewed.

Certification badge 

 Integrators who are MobilePay certified can display the badge on their website. This way, it is clearer for the merchant, that you are adding payments to your platform, and allowing businesses on your platform to use MobilePay Subscriptions and/or Invoice.                         Once you have been certified, your company will be displayed on MobilePay's website here 

Your landing page - Checklist

Link to landing page

In order for you to be visible on the MobilePay integrator page here you need to provide us at with : 

  • A logo of your company (filetype PNG - transparent) 
  • An URL to your landing page
    • A standalone web page, created specifically for the purposes of marketing you as an Integrator for MobilePay Subscriptions and MobilePay Invoice. 
  • A short description of your company. 

Critical elements

Once a user goes to your landing page, please keep them there. We recommend that you include: 

  • 1. Introduction text: 
    • Brief text about your services and mentioning the benefits of MobilePay Subscriptions and/or Invoice. 
    • Show the USP up front
  • 2. Contact formular: So you collect customer information in order to qualify leads.
  • 3. Onboarding guideline: Include an onboarding guideline for your merchants, especially related to the consent process and merchant flow. The most effective way is to have a demonstration using screenshots or video. 
  • 4. Certification badge: Include the certification badge on your landing page, to illustrate towards merchant that you are certified. Download them here
Integrator landing page 

You need to create a Landing Page for your customers, so we at MobilePay can link to a webpage, where potential customers can read more about your services.   


In addition, all integrators are required to complete the following:

  1.  Technical documentation for merchants
  2.  Documentation for merchants regarding how to apply for MobilePay products
  3.  Documentation for merchants regarding how to configure and use the integrator service
  4.  FAQ for merchants
  5.  Provide one pilot customer to verify the integration in production environment

When the integration checklist is completed, notify MobilePay as described in the checklist. The MobilePay DeveloperSupport team will verify the integration, and contact the integrator.

Lead your potential customers to a specific landing page  

Landing Page - Integrator


We recommend you create a good landing page, so you create curiosity in visitors to learn more about your product. Focus on the problem that MobilePay Invoice and MobilePay Subscriptions is fixing. Feel free to use our branded assets to demonstrate how MobilePay Invoice and Subscriptions works. Use visuals to explain things, and add text to provide a bit more context if needed. It is important that your customer understands the Subscriptions and Invoice product value proposition from your content.

Onboarding docs
  • When your merchant is implementing MobilePay Invoice or Subscriptions using a third-party platform, you - the third party - should have and provide more information on how to approach the implementation. 
  • The onboarding documentation
    • aims to help new MobilePay merchants make informed decisions to build an integration that’s best for their business and use case.
    • identify considerations such as merchants scope, integrate, test, train cross-functional teams, and bring their product to market. 
  • The onboarding content doesn’t replace MobilePay's product documentation but should be used as an additional resource to aid in building a unique and scalable MobilePay integration.
Step 4 - Implementation  

Even though this phase is last, there’s a lot you can work on in the beginning of the onboarding process.

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