To be in good standing as a MobilePay Integrator, you should meet all of MobilePay technical and business requirements. We’ve designed a program to help accelerate and amplify integrators impact.

Integrators have the possibility to let MobilePay merchants give consent that they can communicate on behalf of them towards MobilePay APIs. 

Step 1. Get Started

Explore the integrator process and how to integrate in our documentation 

Step 2. Consent flow 

As an integrator, your focus is that the merchant quickly establishes the MobilePay product through your environment. Using the MobilePay assets will quickly add context for the merchant. need to verifiy the consent flow, as the consent flow and GUI is also a part of the MobilePay Integrator verification.  

Step 3: Landing page 

Once certified, in order for integrator to be visible here, you need to have a dedicated website, created specifically for the purposes of marketing you as an 3rd party integrator for MobilePay Invoice and/or MobilePay Subscriptions. 

Step 4: Implementation

 If issues with a third-party integration arise, the developer of that integration will be the most knowledgable resource for getting help. Can not find your answer? Get in touch with our Developer support - we're here to help.