At MobilePay, we want to ensure that you're set up for success from the very beginning. That's why we put together a small collection of articles to get you oriented on the core features of the MobilePay products, as well as some new terms. 

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When merchants look at implementing one of MobilePay api’s in their organisation, the merchant might consider to integrate themselves or hire a integrator. MobilePay has designed an integrator program to help accelerate and amplify merchant impact. A certified integrator can manage Subscriptions or Invoice solution on behalf of merchants.

OpenID Connect

You are going to integrate using a standard hybrid flow in OpenID Connect (OIDC).Note: given the security implications of getting the implementation correct, we encourage you to take advantage of a pre-written library.

Once you've gone through the flow, then you have tokens to be able to call MobilePay's api.