Download MobilePay Buttons

The MobilePay buttons give you a standard that helpsyour customers to quickly recognise the MobilePay brand, so the customers can pay instantly using the button.

Add a MobilePay-button to allow your customers to use their MobilePay account to either pay or subscribe to your service/product.
We provide the button in blue, dark blue and white, for use on dark/coloured backgrounds.


For use on white or light-colored backgrounds that provide sufficient contrast. Do not place a black button on a black or very dark background; instead, select the white button option shown below.

MP Blue


The white button is for use on colored and dark backgrounds, where the blue is ill fitting.

White with stroke

White on colour

Dark blue

Can be used for websites with an already heavy use of blue.

Dark blue


The button is also available in a disabled version.


Alternative buttons

Besides the Mobilepay button, you can also use a button with the text: "Pay with MobilePay". The buttons is available in Danish, English, Finnish, Swedish. This is provided in the same colors and sizes as the MobilePay button.

Size & Space

The button is provided in different sizes and formats so you can pick the one that accomodates your needs the best. The button has been designed to work with almost any design.
Please respect the sizes provided and remember to always add clear space in order ensure legibility and discoverabilty of the button.

Button sizes

The button should be the same size or larger than other buttons on the page.

Clear space

In order to preserve the legibility and MobilePay discoverablity of the button, it is important that no other buttons, type or other graphic elements infringe on its space. The minimum clear space around the button should be equivalent to 1/4 of the height of the button (marked x in the diagram).

Do's & Dont's

When you’re using the MobilePay button or logo please make sure to follow the below set of guidelines: Do not change the color, or add addtional colors Do not add other elements to the button Do not crop, stretch, modify or change the orientation of the button


On a saturated background color, use the white button without the outline rule.

On a black or very dark background, use the blue button.

When placing a white payment button on a white or very light background, select the white button with the outline rule.


Don't add effects to the button


Don't change the color of the button


Example in a web shop context. The dark version is used because the blue would not fit in company with the other check out button.

The button needs to function as a donate-button on a blog. The full “pay with MobilePay” version is used, because the button is standing alone.

Our logo acts as a unique signature - a symbol and identifier for MobilePay. It’s a constant reminder of the joyful exchanges and wonders we are offering.


If you want to highlight to your customers that you accept MobilePay you can use one our banners.

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