If you want to highlight to your customers that you accept MobilePay you can use one these banners. The banners are available with and without the text: Her kan du betale dit abonnement med MobilePay. You can find download ressources at the bottom of the page.


Our logo acts as a unique signature - a symbol and identifier for MobilePay. It’s a constant reminder of the joyful exchanges and wonders we are offering.


Add a MobilePay button for your customers to easily recognise MobilePay.
We provide the button in blue, dark blue, white and white with an outline for use on both light and dark backgrounds.

Visit our ressource page to find logo and icons. Just choose Asset type: "Icon and name" or "Icon":
MobilePay ressources
You'll find all of the logo's here 
Visit our ressource page to find buttons. Just choose Asset type: "Button: Standard", "Button: Pay with" or "Button: Checkout":
MobilePay ressources
You can also embed our buttons directly in your code and ensure that you are always updated with the right images, styling effects and function calls:
Embed buttons
Product Buttons 
MobilePay Subscriptions 
MobilePay Invoice 
3rd party integrator
For your convenience we have created download packages for banners:
Banners with text
Banners without text
Other materials such as stickers and posters 
Visit to find other materials  
MobilePay Materials
 Design guide
Complete guide for use of MobilePay logo, buttons and banners:
MobilePay guide