April 2020

[New version] Version 10 of the Point of Sale API

MobilePay is releasing a new version of the Point of Sale API. The POS API will be available in version 10 in PROD during Q2 2020.

Version 10 of the POS API introduces breaking changes from v8.6 of the API. The changes to the new API are made to improve the quality of the MobilePay POS clients, to introduce new capabilities for integrators and merchants, and to make it easier to build new features for the benefit of merchants.

[Sandbox ] Possible downtime in Sandbox environment

MobilePay is performing a change in Sandbox 20-04-2020 between 17PM and 19PM

Impact: It could eventually cause some downtime during those 2 hours.

Please be aware of this, as it might affect your testing in sandbox.