November 2019

[New Feature] Consent Flow - Include VAT number

MobilePay received feature feedback, that it would be beneficial, if merchant VAT number could be mapped to the access token.

This is especially relevant for integrators, who are managing MobilePay Invoice and/or Subscriptions for multiple merchants. 

We have listened to your feedback, and delivered the feature. Read more below, to know how you can extract VAT number from the access_token. 

Merchants integrating for themselves should include their own VAT number in the consent flow. 

Integrators need to send the merchant VAT number in the consent flow. 

[Release Notes] - Invoice API

We have listened to your feedback. ConsumerName validation (Levenstein rule) has been removed from InvoiceDirect valication rules. Merchants reported, that the Levenstein rule could cause issues for merchants, if/when their customers did not provide their correct full name. This resulted in the Invoice failing on the validation. Since the validation has been removed, it is even easier to send invoices directly to customers mobile phone. 

However, as of now, it is still used for displaying ConsumerName when generating the invoice pdf. 


[Upgrade] TLS 1.2

MobilePay is planning to make changes to API gateways and DataPower services in SANDBOX and PRODUCTION environment: Disable TLS1.0 and TLS1.1 

The change has already taken place in SANDBOX. Once we have a set date for the change in PRODUCTION, you will be informed again. This newspost purpose is to focus on putting your TLS 1.2 plan in action. Most internet services are moving to require support of TLS 1.2 earlier. The safest action is to upgrade to TLS 1.2 sooner than later to avoid disruption.