January 2019

Account postings and news about Reconciliation API

Due to MobilePay payments being migrated, there are certain improvements to take into consideration, especially regarding reconciliation and Account Posting. Migrated Subscription merchants will experience that they will start receiving a new account posting text, which is the Transfer reference, they can use when calling the Transaction reporting APIs.

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Release Notes for Subscriptions

Invoices are now available for Subscriptions payments. These will be shown to the user in the MobilePay app. Also we will generate a PDF file that will also be accessible to the user from the MobilePay app. Read more here


MobilePay will move to a new Data Centre in 2019 Q1

As a natural step in improving our service quality and supporting growing customer base, in 2019Q1 MobilePay solution is moving to a new Data Centre.

The new Data Centre will provide more resilient, secure and powerful foundation for our business. We are in a process of finalizing migration plans, and will further communicate the expected transition date.

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