Step 3. Verification

To ensure that your system is ready for production you need to have performed the basic API calls as described below. Once we have verified that the steps has been completed successfully, you are ready to start testing in hidden production.

When your test in hidden production is done, we will verify this and you will be able to go live and offer MobilePay Online to your clients. 

Error handling & Flow

Preparing proper error handling of payments is extremely important since communication between MobilePay and merchant app can be interrupted. It is crucial that you can handle all scenarios that may happen locally on the customers devices. For example in case of bad network connectivity and the customer has purchased a product/service through MobilePay where a reservation was succesfully made, it is important that this is communicated in the merchant app so the customer does not get stuck in a limbo where a reservation is created on their account without any product/service being delivered. In case your customer doesn't get redirected properly to your app after a successful payment (Reservation) in MobilePay due to network connectivity, crashed phone or some other scenario you should make sure to communicate in your app that the purchase of the product/service is confirmed.

App Payments - Description

We highly recommend that you use the description parameter to inform your customers to a greater extent. Description will be shown on the payment confirmation screen in MobilePay, so the customer has more information about the product, that they have purchased. The description will also be shown when the MobilePay user opens their payment receipt in the activity list.

From sandbox to hidden production

Before moving to hidden production you must have performed below API calls. Please insert the listed details and submit the form in order for us to confirm the API calls. All actions are mandatory


POST /v1/payments
POST /v1/payments/{paymentid}/cancel
POST /v1/refunds
We strongly advise using webhooks in your integration. If you don't - Polling with GET /v1/payments/{paymentid} is mandatory
Insert the paymentId which you have polled

Merchant/Integrator information

Name of the merchant you are integrating on behalf of or your companys name
Contact name
Contact email

We will reply to your Contact email with a link where you must upload a video showing the user experience of a MobilePay App Payment in your app. Meanwhile we will verify the information submitted and prepare to move you to production.