MobilePay App Payments

IMPORTANT: The old AppSwitch solution has been replaced by a new and improved solution which will be available in October 2021. Note that we will no longer onboard to the old solution and it will close down by the end of Q1 2022. You can start onboarding on the new solution in our Merchant Portal from October 4th. Learn more about the new solution in our documentation.

MobilePay App Payments enables merchants to offer in-app payments with MobilePay. This site will guide you through the process of implementing MobilePay as a payment method in your merchant app.

Getting started

Ir order to integrate our App Payments solution you need to sign up to the product in our Merchant Portal. When/if you have an agreement with us we can invite you to our sandbox. Contact to get access.


Test early and test often. When you are onboarded to the sandbox environment you can test the functionality of our solution before going live to ensure a good user experience and healthy integration. Find more information on testing with the App payments solution in our documentation.


When your integration in sandprod is ready and you are ready for production you need to go through a small verification process before moving from sandprod to production and before going live to ensure that your setup is ready. 

Information - Old AppSwitch solution
Integrating the old AppSwitch solution: Learn more about how to implement MobilePay AppSwitch. Get access to the SDK, API and other relevant documentation. Note that we longer onboard new merchant to this solution.

Verification of the old AppSwitch solution: To ensure a good user experience, we need to approve your AppSwitch integration before you can receive MobilePay payments from your customers.

FAQ for the old AppSwitch Solution: In this section, you will find the answers to the most common questions about MobilePay AppSwitch. Our FAQ provides answers on all types of situations, including SDK, charges and refunds.