Hello (1.1.0)

The Hello API allows you to test the connection and authentication to our servers. If you get a "Hello!", you're good to go. Please contact us at developer@mobilepay.dk to get started.

Calling the API Once your app is created on the Developer Portal and you have your credentials you're able to connect to our API.

Perform a GET request to our API endpoints

You'll need to include the following headers:

 accept: application/json
 content-type: application/json
 x-ibm-client-id: REPLACE_THIS_KEY
 x-ibm-client-secret: REPLACE_THIS_KEY

If the request is successful, you will receive a HTTP 200 OK Status Code, and a JSON body:

    "Message": "Hello!"

Subscriptions Integrator (1.1.8)

The MobilePay Subscriptions API contains endpoints for the merchants, needed to implement MobilePay Subscriptions in your system. MobilePay Subscriptions allow you to offer recurring billing for your customers, including one-off payments and refunds.

Transaction Reporting for Merchants (1.1.3)

The api will provide details of transactions by summarizing payment, fees and refunds etc. The api allows to query all activities taking place at any of your MobilePay payment locations.

Invoice (1.4.10)

MobilePay Invoice allow you to send Invoices directly to your customers using our APIs. The MobilePay Invoice API use OAuth 2.0 protocol for authentication and authorization and contains endpoints needed to implement MobilePay Invoice in your system. This API is for the technical integrator acting on behalf of merchant, or merchant creating their own integrations.