MobilePay Online

MobilePay Online is essentially a way for the user to accept online payments in the MobilePay app. The purpose of the solution is to offer MobilePay as an online payment option for online web shops, bth on desktop, tablets and smartphone devices. When the user acecpts the payment, their card data is encrypted and transferred to the PSP who can then do the authroization towards the merchants chosen acquirer. 

Step 1. Getting Started 

To start using our APIs, you need to have an agreement with MobilePay and be invited to the Sandbox environment. Once you have an agreement you can start integration towards our APIs

Step 2. Test

The MobilePay Sandbox is a self-contained, testing environment that mimics the live MobilePay production environment. To ensure a good user experience, we recommend you to test your solution thoroughly before launching. We will provide you with test data, to test in the sandbox environment.

Step 3. Verification 

You need to go through a small verification when moving from sandprod til hidden production, and before going live to ensure that your setup is ready. 

Step 4. Production 

After certification you will be able to start onboarding your merchants. In this section you will find guidance and recommendations for production as well as mandatory implementation. 

GitHub Documentation

​Review our documentation on Github using the link below. Here you find extended technical documentation

FAQ - Online

In this section, you will find the answers to the most common questions about MobilePay Online.

Design guidelines
We want to make it easy for you to ensure that the right MobilePay buttons and logo's are used by the merchants. Proper use of our logo and buttons will ensure better user experience and conversion rate.
Please visit our Design page for more information and ressources.