MobilePay Subscriptions API

MobilePay Subscriptions is a solution for recurring billing of your customers. Implement our Subscriptions API to take advantage of MobilePay Subscriptions. Bill your customers with one-off  invoices or automatically on a recurring basis. 

MobilePay App Payments

With MobilePay App Payments you can offer your customers easier and faster payment when purchasing goods or services in your app. Learn more about App Payments and how to implement MobilePay in your merchant app. Note that the old solution called "AppSwitch" has been replaced by the new and improved solution called App Payments.  Onboarding for the current solution has been closed - You can onboard the new solution in our Merchant Portal: Denmark Finland

MobilePay Invoice API

Send Invoices directly to your customers using our APIs. With MobilePay Invoice, your customers do not have to find the bill in the mailbox or enter all payment information every time a bill is due. InvoiceDirect and InvoiceLink makes it easy for large and small business owners to send professional invoices on the go. 

MobilePay Point of Sale

MobilePay PoS is a solution for customers to pay through their mobile via a QR code or the white MobilePay box.

The MobilePay PoS API exposes two separate flows for payments which are documented in this section. All payments must be explicitly captured by the client after the customer has approved the payment. The capture amount can be for the full or a partial amount.

MobilePay Online

Take advantage of the large amount of card data already regsitered in MobilePay by integrating MobilePay Online.This will allow the user to accept online payments in the MobilePay app.

MyShop Payment Links

Payment links make it easy for merchants to receive payments and users to pay for services. You just need a MobilePay MyShop number to get started

Reporting API

You can quickly find all information associated with each of your payments, allowing you to concentrate on the important stuff while streamlining your financial reporting. The API allows to query all activities taking place at any of your MobilePay payment locations.