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Payment attachments V2

The purpose of payment attachments V2 is to replace existing invoice PDF functionality and to offer more flexibility for the merchant. With this new functionality you will be able to choose how attachment will be presented to the user:

The old way how we create invoice PDF attachments remains, but will be deprecated by the end of 2021.

Create & Update

Payment attachments on top of the payment can be created with a separate request:

PUT /api/providers/{providerId}/payments/{paymentId}/attachment

    "external_attachment_url" : "",
    "generate_pdf" : false,
    "attachment_details" : {
        "document_title": "Company's Faktura",
        "hide_payment_point_address": false,
        "consumer_name": "John Johnson",
        "consumer_phone_number": "+4544667788",
        "total_amount": 10,
        "total_vat_amount": 10,
        "total_amount_ex_vat": 9,
        "issue_date": "2018-08-22",
        "invoice_number": "58652",
        "order_date": "2018-08-22",
        "due_date": "2018-08-22",
        "consumer_address_lines": [
            "Paradisæblevej 13",
            "CC-1234 Andeby",
        "articles": [
                "article_number": "456",
                "article_description": "Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet",
                "vat_rate": 25,
                "total_vat_amount": 25,
                "total_price_including_vat": 25,
                "unit": "pcs",
                "quantity": 6,
                "price_per_unit": 60
        "price_reduction": 1.2,
        "price_discount": 2,
        "bonus": 5,
        "merchant_contact_name": "Some Company",
        "delivery_address_lines": [
            "Østerbrogade 120",
            "CC-1234 Andeb"
        "payment_reference": "ABCD1234",
        "delivery_date": "2018-08-22",
        "merchant_order_number": "ABCD1234",
        "buyer_order_number": "ABCD1234",
        "comment": "Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, eros faucibus aliqua erat aliquam odio vitae."

You are able to provide your own URL link to payment document by passing it as external_attachment_url value. If you want MobilePay to generate PDF for you, you simply set generate_pdf to true in the request and fill attachment_datails with values which will be used to generate the PDF file. You can also provide attachment_details without generating PDF file, details will be visible in MobilePay payment receipt and confirmation screens.

generate_pdf cannot be set to true when external_attachment_url is provided.

Every subsequent request will overwrite the previous one.

We reduced the amount of mandatory fields in attachment_datails:

Parameter Sub Parameter Type Description Requirement
document_title   string(60) Used as document title in PDF document. Optional
hide_payment_point_address   boolean Hides payment point address. Default is false. Optional
consumer_name   string Full name of the user. Optional
consumer_phone_number   string Mobile phone number of MobilePay user. Optional
total_amount   decimal The requested amount to be paid. Required
total_vat_amount   decimal Total VAT amount. Optional
total_amount_ex_vat   decimal Total amount excluding VAT. Optional
issue_date   date Issue date of the document. Optional
invoice_number   string Invoice number for invoice documents. Optional
order_date   date Order date. Optional
due_date   date Payment due date. Optional
consumer_address_lines   string[] Address of consumer receiving the document. Optional
articles   array At least one array element is required. Required
  article_number string Article number, e.g.: 123456ABC. Optional
  article_description string Article description. Required
  vat_rate decimal VAT rate of an article. Optional
  total_vat_amount decimal Total VAT amount of an article. Optional
  total_price_including_vat decimal Total price of an article including VAT. Can be negative. Required
  unit string Unit, e.g.: pcs, coli, kg, m. Optional
  quantity decimal Quantity of an article. Optional
  price_per_unit decimal Price per unit. Optional
price_reduction   decimal Price reduction. Optional
price_discount   decimal Price discount. Optional
bonus   decimal Bonus. Optional
merchant_contact_name   string Contact name of the individual who issued the document. Optional
delivery_address_lines   string[] Delivery address. Optional
payment_reference   string(60) Any extra reference to be presented in the generated PDF file. Optional
delivery_date   date Delivery date of the document. Optional
merchant_order_number   string The merchant order number for the document used internally by the merchant. Optional
buyer_order_number   string The buyer order number for the document used internally by the merchant. Optional
comment   string Additonal information for the consumer. “\n” can be used for a line break, e.g.: “First line. \nSecond line.” Optional

Review & Delete

GET /api/providers/{providerId}/payments/{paymentId}/attachment to get the details of the payment attachment.

GET /api/providers/{providerId}/payments/{paymentId}/attachment/pdf to download PDF attachment(if it was created).

DELETE /api/providers/{providerId}/payments/{paymentId}/attachment to delete payment attachment.

PDF invoice examples

This is the example of how your data will look like to user in the MobilePay, when it is generated to PDF file.

Marking from
an example
Mapping Subscriptions EN DK FI
1 document_title N/A N/A N/A
2 Subscription provider logo N/A N/A N/A
3 Subscription provider name N/A N/A N/A
4 Subscription provider address N/A N/A N/A
5 Merchant CVR Company ID CVR Y-tunnus
6 merchant_contact_name N/A N/A N/A
7 consumer_name N/A N/A N/A
8 consumer_address_lines N/A N/A N/A
9 consumer_phone_number N/A N/A N/A
10 delivery_address_lines Delivery address Leveringsadresse Toimitusosoite
11 delivery_date Delivery date Leveringsdato Toimituspäivä
12 buyer_order_number Buyers order ID Købers ordrenummer Ostajan tilausnumero
13 merchant_order_number Merchant order ID Sælgers ordrenummmer Myyjän tilausnumero
14 order_date Order date Ordredato Päivä
15 invoice_number Invoice number Fakturanummer Laskun numero
16 issue_date Issue date Fakturadato Laskun päivä
17 due_date Due date Betalingsdato Eräpäivä
18 payment_reference Payment reference Betalingsreference Maksun viite
19 article_number Item ID Varenummer Tuotenumero
20 article_description Description Beskrivelse Kuvaus
21 quantity Quantity Antal Määrä
22 unit Type Enhed Yksikkö
23 price_per_unit Quantity price Enhedspris Yksikköhinta
24 vat_rate VAT Moms ALV
25 total_price_including_vat Total Total Yhteensä
26 price_reduction Price reduction Total prisnedsættelse Kokonaishinta
27 price_discount Discount Total rabat Alennus
28 bonus Bonus Total bonus Kokonaisbonus
29 total_amount_ex_vat Total ex VAT Total uden moms Yhteensä ilman ALV
30 total_vat_amount Total VAT Moms ALV yhteensä
31 total_amount Total Total Yhteensä
32 comment Comments Kommentar Kommentit

App screens

Payment attachments are represented in payment/one-off confirmation and receipt screens.

MobilePay generated PDF + Attachment details Attachment details
External URL + Attachment details External URL