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Developer Documentation

An integration is considered finished when all the elements of the relevant API’s checklist are done

Get started

  1. Read Best Practice. You’ll find it in the MobilePay Partner site . The Best Practice provides insight into the structure of the API and will help you determine the best approach for integration as well as provide details on typical use cases.

Step 2 - Authentication

Once you have

you can start implementing the OpenID Connect flow. Read more about OpenID Connect and the process here

If you have any questions, please write to

Step 3 - Test

We supply a testing API, that simulates user actions in the app.

Step 3 - Avoid Integration pitfalls

Step 4 - Configure reconciliation

In the table below, you can see the parameter in the Subscriptions API to the corresponding parameter in the Transaction Reporting Api. Please use the table below for correlating transactions between MobilePay Subscriptions and external merchant / integrator system.

Transaction Reporting API Subscriptions API Description
ExternalTransactionID external_id for payments and one_off_payments Used for correlating transactions between MobilePay & Integrator system.
Merchant Payer Reference external_id for agreements Is included in the subject field, if user sends an email from the MobilePay app
merchant_reference external_id for payments Identifier assigned by merchant to a specific payment
payment_transaction_id   Includes transaction_id for all payments: recurring, one-off and refund. Visible on the users receipt screen.
Transfer Method Instant Transfer Daily Transfer
TIME OF TRANSFER MobilePay transfer instantly after the user pays. MobilePay does transfer once per day, at night. Payments payed on day X will be transferred on day X+1.
REFERENCE NUMBER external_id is used. Generated by MobilePay
BANK STATEMENT external_id is used. Generated by MobilePay

Third Party integrators

In addition, all Integrators are required to complete the following:

When the integration checklist is completed, notify the MobilePay Developer Support, who will verify the integration, and contact the Integrator.

MobilePay then adds the integrator to the MobilePay Website

Once you have followed the steps above, you are ready to do the self-certification. Click the “I’m ready” button here