MobilePay Invoice

Developer Documentation

Invoice API

Businesses that need to send invoices to their customers commonly use MobilePay invoices. For example, a consulting business might send invoices for the time and resources that each consultation uses. Our MobilePay Invoice API enables you to send Invoice directly into the MobilePay app or use MobilePay as a payment method in an existing Invoice flow (self serve environments, e-mails and etc.)

Invoice issuers

Get an invoice issuer

Invoice Issuer represents merchant’s company information. Before using MobilePay Invoices merchant must have at least one invoice issuer which can be created via MobilePay Portal Denmark or Finland. Each invoice issuer contains its own address information, account data and logo. The merchant is the customer company and the Invoice Issuer is the actual service provider name under which they create invoices

GET /api/v1/merchants/{merchantId}/invoiceissuers


  "InvoiceIssuers": [
      "Id": "6a33d969-fa86-44af-a23b-731da0e4d50d",
      "Name": "MyAwesomeStore",
      "AccountType": "Account",
      "Status": "enabled",
      "Address": "Paradisæblevej 13",
      "City": "Andeby",
      "ZipCode": "1234"
Property Type Description
Id guid Id of an invoice issuer associated with your merchantId.
Name string Your invoice issuer’s name.
AccountType string The type of account associated with an invoice issuer. At the moment there’s only one type Account.
Status string Issuer status.
Address string Issuer address line.
City string Issuer city.
ZipCode string Issuer Zip code.

Invoice issuer statuses

There are three invoice issuer Status values that can be explained in following order:

Status Explanation
pending Issuer was created and is pending for an approval.
enabled Issuer is active & ready to be used.
disabled Merchant has disabled invoice issuer.

Get your merchant id

MerchantId is a unique identifier of a merchant in our system. After you retrieve an access token from OpenID flow use the following endpoint to retrieve your MerchantId.

GET /api/v1/merchants/me


  "MerchantId": "e3465d75-8fd4-4ea4-8881-304c464f1d24"